Tsunami Calendar: Which Photos?

  • This group theme has been created for anyone to suggest appropriate photos for possible inclusion to the calendar. Please add them to this theme if appropriate, thanks.

    Note that the requirements for inclusion to the calendar are:

    3300x2550 at 300p/i
    Taken in the regions where the Tsunami happened
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    thanks for opening this part, Adam,

    With the start of the year, two of three thoughts about that :

    1- I suppose the pic size of 3300*2550 was dictated by the final image size on the calendar, it therefore means that the neg or slide -if coming from a film shot- should be scanned at a min of 2800 or 3200 dpi. At this minimum definition it even wouldn't stand any -or very little cropping- to match the 3300 pic requirement. The size requirement also forbids any shots taken with a 4mpix camera which seems to be a standard among a majority of members before the dSLR price fall.

    I have seen Skorj's calendar on lulu.com and thought his idea of putting along two pictures instead of a simple one was great, more than the simple double pic interst, it also allows a variety of formats to be included (lanscape, portraits, square, 1/1, 3/2, 4/3 etc.) with help of an appropriate publishing design.
    Putting two images per page would also reduce the size requirements.

    2- if the idea of two images per month was agreed, I thought a nice "editorial line" was to combine a people image or a portrait to a more content rich or landscape image of the region. Preferably coastline activities and scenes, perhaps.

    3- <i>"taken in the regions where the tsunami happened" </i>, to make it clear (list to be corrected) :
    - Indonesia : northern and western Sumatra,
    - Sri Lanka : South and East coasts
    - Thailand : Indian Ocean Andaman coast
    - India : Andaman & Nicobar islands, Tamil Nadu, other South coast states
    - Malaysia : Pulau Pinang, Kedah, Langkawi, Pulau Payar...
    - Maldives
    - Burma and Mergui coastline
    - Somalia and the east african coast?
    - ...

    4- I'm calling to any members who would have meaningful images of these countries, can you please upload them. (I specially think about Aceh, Weh Nias and the Mentawai islands in northern Sumatra, Batu Ferringhi in Pinang, the Maldives, Burma coastline, the Andaman islands of India...).

    5- I suppose anybody can suggest photos from anybody else to include in, not just his own photos, right?
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    1. Good point. I think two photos per month makes sense in this case.

    "combine a people image or a portrait to a more content rich or landscape image of the region."
    2. Yes, very good idea.

    3. Thanks for clarifying this.

    4. Yes, it's key that enough quality images be available in these areas.

    5. Yes, absolutely. Later on they can be contacted for permission, high-res images etc.
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    I've taken a quick look over the photos of the places mentioned and added some photos to the theme.

    Considering the possibility that more than one photo (2 or 3 seems reasonable with a good graphical work) I've added some photos which may not have originally the required resolution.

    Also added more freely those which come from film photography, even if the digital work on them could be improved. I'm relying that they will be carefully worked to get the best results.
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    bonjour Adam, la définition 3300x2550 300p/i est un format qui n'entre pas dans la norme TE... qu'allez vous faire pour l'obtenir ?

    ce projet est intéressant.

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    c'est ce que je dis plus haut à Adam, c'est une norme qui est trop exigeante pour 99% des photos postées dans TE.

    J'ai suggéré plus haut plutôt que de mettre une photo pleine page, il me semblait préférable de faire un assemblage de +sieurs photos. L'idée c'est 2 images dont un portrait et une autre plus contextuelle qui permet de laisser le choix du formet (portrait, paysage, carré, 2/3, 3/4 etc.) et surtout un format initial moins lourd.
    JoseElias va plus loin en suggérant jusqu'à 3 photos et une compo graphique autour adéquate.

    La première chose c'est de sélectionner un ensemble de photos qui pourraient aller dans le calendrier, la récolte au format "lourd" se fera je suppose en contact direct avec le propriétaire de la photo.

    Malheureusement, ça n'avance pas très vite cette idée, il faudrait une participation un peu soutenue, j'ai l'impression...

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    merci pour la traduction car je n'en avais pigé que la moitié. Ca fera comme pour l'expo de Trieste où l'organisateur a demandé un autre envoi.

    De mon côté, avec Henk (oochapan) qui le proposait, j'ai réalisé en accord avec lui, des t-shirt qui seront vendu au profit des pêcheurs indiens. Pour l'instant on en fait une centaine, qui seront vendus en sud Ile de France à travers le réseau de l'association Foyer Rural dont je suis président