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  • Any cn help me how to take a moving pictures, Plz i am using Nikon D40x. Thanks
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    Believe there is a technique called 'panning' where you basically track the moving object and take the picture at the right moment,it's a quite an advanced skill and takes lots of practice, haven't personally tried it yet! End result should be a clear subject matter and the background blurred to give an impression of speed. Use the sport mode on your dial if you want to 'freeze' the moving object.
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    Hi Stuart,

    My 'technique' is the following:

    1) Format your CF or whatever to ensure the camera shoots smoothly in continuous mode.

    2) Use your manual mode and shoot some pictures of the background to find the most convenient setting concerning shutter speed, aperture and your custom white balance.

    2) Find a setting that gives a good light below or around 1/60 sec.

    3) Depending of the speed of the moving subject and also of the length of your lens, you may have to get below or over 1/60.

    5) Don't rely on AF for the final shot. Try focussing on another object in the same range and use it to tune your manual focus. Turn off all electronic help like Image stabilization etc.

    6) When the moving subject comes into the scene, imagine that your arm is infinitively long and you could tip the subject with your fingers (that helps synchronizing a lot!). Follow your subject in the most natural manner and shoot as much as you can, in continuous mode, keep in mind that the axis between you and the subject is infinite and follow it up...

    And know that panning is just a matter of luck: One out of a hundred will be good, at least for me.

    Hope this helps,