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Great stego 2007-09-12 15:21

Hi David,

Congratulations for your 200th.

It is a gorgeous view. The wild beauty of the place, the clever compo, the great clarity, colours and sharpness make it very eye catching. I don't see that "blue-grey smudge" as a flaw and it doesn't look like any artefact resulting from PP; actually, that strange grey fog adds charm to the image.

Maybe this photo isn't so special in the context of your gallery, but that only happens because of the high quality of the majority of your posts. Many of us would consider this photo of one of his masterpieces. I find that it is very appropriate and much on the "TE spirit" having chosen a shot that didn't satisfy much for commemorating this milestone and using it to make an interesting discussion.

I can't evaluate the level of sharpness on the lousy display I am using now (I have to remember seeing it on one of my better displays), but it looks more than acceptable. Even so, I read your note with much interest, although I had heard about the subject of the loss of sharpness with tighter apertures, the level of loss depending on the lens. Quite a tricky issue, because one one of the reasons we use small apertures is "a kind of sharpness" that is more accurately named DOF.

It's interesting to know that even a talented and skilled photographer like you feels that he learns much with the participation in TE. We all feel the same. I am an Internet user for more than 14 years and I used online services before that, but until recently I was kind of disappointed because I felt that the spirit of sharing and community of much of the earlier online services and sites in general and Internet in particular was almost lost, at least for something more than purely frivolous themes. TE proved that I was wrong and I am very glad I found it, because it made me embrace more "seriously" this hobby that always fascinated me so much. I like to think that my PP skills weren't the only things improved, but even if I didn't improve the rest, I gained what looks to me as much more insightful (and pleasant) ways of looking to photographs, either mine or from other persons.

Regards, Josť

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banyanman banyanman is offline
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Default To stego: I agree about TE

Hi Josť,

Thanks for your insightful critique. I agree with what you say about TE. I've tried a lot of the other online services but I've given up on them all - except for PBase where I keep a few albums, but the level of feedback there is nowhere near as good or constructive as TE. A lot of the more 'popular' online photo sharing sites fail becauase they do not limit the posts, so a lot of junk gets uploaded and that makes it hard to find the good stuff.

Cheers . . . David

PS: I've been swamped with work lately, so haven't had much time to post or critique for a couple of weeks, but I'll check out your latest posts soon.
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Default Re: To stego: I agree about TE

Hi David,
You don't need to justify yourself for not "returning critiques". Although I have that habit, I don't think that it should be a kind of obligation. TE being so time consuming and addictive, it is a good idea stay away from it when time is scarce.
Cheers, Josť.
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