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Great Wandering_Dan 2007-09-10 9:50

Beautiful composition, Bulent, with the waves framed just right as the light hits them, crystal sharp image, the power of the sea comes through. Hard to get the sense of scale, though; when I realized from the note this is a 7-meter wave, I looked at it very differently!

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Default To Wandering_Dan: wave...

Thanks, Dan. I will add the equivalent in feet to my note. It was not as terrifying as your lion, but you may be able to make out the troughs in the water behind the wave in the foreground.
Warm regards,

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Default Re: To Wandering_Dan: wave...

Hi, Bulent -

Actually, I understood the metric measurement quite well; we've lived in metric countries. I just had trouble seeing the size in the image.

And you might like to know I just got the Nikon D80 and 18-200mm lens. The camera is a little heavier than the D70, but the controls are similar though not exact (the Delete button is in a totally different location, for example), and one of my pet peeves about the D70 - that the ISO is not included in the main displays - is still a problem here; only if you set ISO to AUTO does it show. Factory settings are probably not what you want to use, so read the manual carefully and check all of the menus. (The retouch function is one I could easily have done without; that's what Photoshop is for. Why waste time and battery life in the field?)

I do like the increased size, and the colors look the same or even better so far. I haven't seen any noise yet. The D80 takes totally different memory and battery from the D70, and they are not interchangeable. Lenses are.

The 18-200mm lens is more problematic for me, but my initial tests say it is as good (or bad) as my 70-300 when both are at 200mm. The zoom action is stiffer, but not so that one can't get used to it, and it should lessen or prevent vertical creep. The big problem I have is that, when set to manual and the zoom is at full extension, I can focus up to infinity, but once there, I can't bring the focus back until I bring the zoom length down to about 150mm. I'm not sure if this is a flaw in the particular lens or a design flaw; I've asked Nikon, but no answer so far. AF seems to work fine (as much as AF ever does).

I posted one picture in my portfolio using the new camera and lens for comments.

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