To nomadgraphics: You're too kind.

  • Hello Alex. Thanks very much for your kind words. It's a real compliment. Apart from the polariser I've just begun using graduated neutral density filters. There are several brands and sizes. I use a brand called Hitech, which wewe recomended to me by a fellow Trekker. They fit into a Cokin brand holder that screws onto your lens. They're used to balance for example bright skies and dark foregrounds. I'm still learning but they are a real bonus to have. And wherever possible (like when I don't leave it in the car!) I use a tripod as I like to work with small apertures and slow shutter speeds. I cary a light tripod as I usually have to hike or climb somewhere to get these shots. I hope this helps. I look forward to seeing lots of long exposures from you ;). Thanks again.
    Best regards, Steve.