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  • The Photo Viewer Widget is a way to share your TE photos with visitors on other websites. Creating a Photo Viewer Widget is as easy as creating a theme.

    1. Create a theme. ('My Account' -> 'Manage' -> 'My Themes' -> 'Create Theme')
    * Note: Make sure it's a 'Personal' theme, and Photo Viewer option is 'Enabled'.
    2. Add (your own) photos to theme.
    * Note: Viewer can not be enabled for themes containing other people’s photos.
    3. Click the 'Share' link when editing the theme or viewing the theme as slideshow.
    4. Copy the code and paste it into your blog or web page.

    [Sample Viewer]

    Already posted a TE Photo Widget on your blog or website? Link to it here so others can check it out!
  • Re: New Photo Viewer Widget Available

    Would it be possible to add a fallback option for those of us running with Flash disabled though? All I get at the moment is a broken image icon on your sample page :(
  • its not working??:(
    I have done all the steps you menssioned but i just cant link it to my blog. which is on blogspot...
    please help me
  • Re: its not working??:(
    Once you've enabled the viewer for you theme, getting it onto you blog should be as easy as:
    1) Copy the code from the [share] pop-up window on TE.
    2) Create a new post on your Blogspot blog.
    3) Click on the Edit HTML tab.
    4) Paste the code from TE into the main text area.
    5) Click "Publish Post"

    Good luck!
  • but still a problem??:(
    thank you so much for your help.. but i did as what you instructed but got Error message something like
    "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tags cannot enclose tags object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase="
  • Flash? Sorry, no go
    I will not put any Flash on any of my sites. I use web standards only.

    I've already said this in the discussions about protecting our photographs - I won't have anything to do with Flash, and if TE goes Flash, I'm out.

    I'm not out just for the offer of using a Flash "widget", of course, but I won't use it. If I want to post a photo somewhere I'll use my SmugMug account instead.
  • Re: New Photo Viewer Widget Available
    I am certain there is a really simple solution that I am completely missing! How do I add my photos to my Widget (Step 2 above)? I followed the directions above and am at a quandary as to how to include my photos? I know there is a really simple answer here that I am missing! Thanks!
  • Re: but still a problem??:(
    Hi, I've managed to post it on my blog at

    In the blogger dashboard bit there is a template editor. You will probably already have links which appear on your blog on either side of the posts. (The previous answer will work, but put it as a post).

    Click on the "Template" tab in blogger. This should open a page with a basic layout of your blog. (If it doesn't, you need to click the "Page Elements" tab within "template").
    There should then be a box titled "HTML/ JavaScript". Click on the edit button. This should open a pop-up.

    Paste the html code from TE into that window.

    If you already have other things in this box, you might want to paste it right at the top. Generally people tend to only have invisible stuff like statcounter in here.

    At this point you can just hit save changes, but the TE code has the widget window set to HUGE (400 pixels or something).

    It can be a bit confusing, but if you go through the code just look for anything that says "width" or "height". You can keep adjusting these by typing various values - in the end I had to set mine to 300 to keep the widget window from overlapping the text of the blog posts.

    Let me know how you go!

  • Re: New Photo Viewer Widget Available
    Click on the photo you want to add from anywhere on the site. In the left hand column under the heading "Photo Options", click on "Add to Theme". -Thanks!
  • Re: New Photo Viewer Widget Available
    One suggestion: why don't create a widget for travelogues?
    Thank you!