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Great PJE 2007-07-23 20:43

David I could just barely make out this cavern shape in your large previous posting. When you get close like this a sense of wonder must have overwhelmed you. Simply a real treat to view these photos you have captured in Greenland.. or Iceland.. or what is left of it! Did you see evidence of global warming? According to Al Gore Greenland has very little ice left on it.

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Default To PJE: Greenland ice cap

Hi Paul,

It's not true that Greenland has very little ice left. The ice cap covers over 80% of the country and has an average thickness of 7,000 ft. However on one edge of the ice cap I saw what looked like a 6-7,000 ft high wall of ice that had collapsed (it was an amazing sight) and the glaciers are retreating at an average rate of 8 metres a year - so there is a lot of melting going on. But scientists say it is too early to tell whether this is a natural phenomenon or due to recent global warming. I tend to think it is the latter, but I'm not a scientist ;)

Cheers . . . David
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Default Re: To PJE: Greenland ice cap

Well David it goes to show that one should never believe all that one hears or sees on a movie.... esp one made my Al Gore. Global warming is highly overrated and abused by politicians for their own selfish gain. Thank you for the clarification. I do believe that global warming is here to cause change in our world. But with melting ice it always takes time. Thanks for your comments. It is a real amazing photo!
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