To tibervince: ghostly meetings

  • Hi Vincent
    What a pity that you didn't speak! It would have been great to meet you. You can't blame me because you haven't posted a picture of yourself. Actually I met up with (senk) there (pre-arranged by email). Yes, it was an amazing festival and I got lots of pictures too. But I want to post a few pre-festival pictures before I post the ghost dancers. I am looking forward to seeing yours when they are posted. Senk has one posted already. My next planned trip is to the horse riding novices in Chiang Mai. I wonder if I will meet you there. I had a good time with Senk, because, he is supportive but we keep out of each others way. It's nice to have someone to drink beer with in the evening and listen to the molam and talk about the days shooting. Speak next time, now! Regards kevin