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Great paulalex32 2007-06-19 10:33

Hi Andre,
This was such a great opportunity shot. How could you have overexposed the water? What this does is to draw the eye into an abyss of, well, what you so aptly label "a mess." Perhaps you should have framed it differently so that the top left wasn't there, etc. Truly, it's not like the landscape was moving. You could have taken numerous different frames and thus chosen the best at a later date. That is what most photographers will do. Perhaps you can switch to digital and then you don't have to worry about paying for more than one shot.
As to your Photoshop skills, you need to be more subtle with your adjustments. Your greens are clearly oversaturated while the upper left is undersaturated. Do you use layers or simply adjustments? I would suggest layers. Cheers, Paul.
PS I decided a while ago to give everyone I comment on two points regardless of what I think of their photography. So don't feel offended or flattered. It just saves on all that nonesense.
PPS Probably the problem with the upper left is that you let your camera meter off the centre without compensating for the left.

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Default To paulalex32: Metering, etc.

Hi Paul,

That was a very interesting, and indeed useful note you wrote. Thanks for the advice, I'll try to learn from it.

I confess that I have indeed only been using adjustments in Photoshop, and am not yet familiar with layers, but I think I'll get down to it, as it seems to be the way to go. I've a lot to learn yet, but I'm trying.

Should I switch to digital? Certainly, I am fully aware of the advantages of digital, and I intend to get myself a decent SLR at some point. But I can't simply switch now, because... it costs a lot of money to get a decent camera, and I'd have to sacrifice too much now. So for the time being, it's less costly to shoot the few extra slides. Apart from that, I feel that since starting to shoot slides exclusively for colour, I've learned a lot more than I knew before; the narrow exposure latitudes force me to be attentive to what I'm doing, as does having a limited number of frames. So not for now, but one day.

Good point about the metering, by the way.


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