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Great prezntime 2007-01-21 23:42

I'm in awe of these photographs. I see you expressed that you "..thought I still could show" these photographs...that implies that your were unsure at first? Without a moments hesitation I would plaster my walls with this photo. A freedom is expressed here only known to children and forgotten by those that left their long summers far behind. Without a facial expression to be seen, joy permeates the whole photo. The strong graphical quality is so well done that the photo loses not one once of emotion and contains a quality reserved for some of the greatest expressive artwork.
So many times we see photos of an extremely high quality, but in the back of our mind we think, "I feel that I have seen this before." Now, it could be that sense of familiar recognition that brings somebody into alignment with some photographs. Here, on the other hand, this photo brings no familiarity (having anything to do with previous vision) to is completely new to me...I at once see nothing that I've seen before, but feel so close to this shot that I can only compare it to the warm and nostalgic feeling that comes flooding back when I think of my grandmothers house as a young boy.
I want to go on; I want to talk about this photo, I want to sit and tell people about it...I want to be the child in this photo.

Thank you.


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Default To prezntime: Thank you Chris

Your words move me. And as to your grandmother's house... yes, me too... my grandmother's flat (where my parents live) also hold a special pull for me... something warm and familiar.
Thanks for your comments...
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Default Re: To prezntime: Thank you Chris

Your very welcome.
I remember the door and the slight noise, not a creaking a slight squeak, as we opened the door. My grandmother always knew when we were going to be there. SHe always had some Roman Meal bread toasting for me when I arrived...the smell, I can still smell that wonderful aroma as I type this note. To me, it is completely unique. I could take the same bread and toast it in my house and not be able to recreate the feelings upon entering my grandmothers home...I feel the same way about this photo. One could find a stream of water glistening in the sun light and have a child enter from the side. We could set up our camera and wait for the right moment. We could smile when the moment comes...yet, you are completely unique and the sense of suprise will always permeate the photos taken through your lens.
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