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Good tuberose2461 2006-11-29 1:04

I was reading your comments on the woman in the chador and I thought to enlighten you on the subject of women in Iran. First of all please don't be brainwashed by this media coverage of my country. Women are not held back here as many of our neighbor countries have done so. They drive; they have always been given the right to vote form the first time anybody voted in this country, over half of university students in Iran are now women and many other things that the media has shut its eyes on. People please open your eyes to the betrayal of the media to your knowledge of the world around you.



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Default To tuberose2461: comment

hi Maryam,
I'm far from being brainwashed by the media- if I were I probably wouldn't have gone to Iran.Don't get me wrong- I'm aware of the facts you're writing about- the right to vote, study and take active part in social life etc. I know how important role they play in families. (and my comment was not directed at this aspect) What I've been wondering about- out of pure curiosity - and trying to understand- are the smaller or greater cultural differences between some Islamic countries and let's call them- western countries, mainly those concerning certain rules that women have to follow- among others- covering their hair (and most parts of the body). Ok, I understand it comes from tradition, (I do, I respect tradition that's why I complied to the rules of clothing while in Iran, which, btw, was not enough to stop some men from pinching and intentionally brushing against us, this was rather humiliating), I even think chadors look quite attractive in a sense- mysterious and dignified (although wearing them in 40 degrees and burning sun is no fun) But I also wanted to hear the women's voice on that subject (trying to get information from direct sources not the media)- as 99% of the women/girls i talked to told me- it is for protection against men and they don't mind wearing tthe scarf/chador at all, it's completely natural.Ok, it's natural for them, but i can't stop thinking there's something unfair about it - they wear it for protection against men...? what does this explanation say about males then?- it implies that they are so weak they can't refrain themselves from certain thoughts about women if they see their beautiful hair (i'm not even talking about arms or other parts of body)- and if it's men that are weak how is it fair that women have to do something they wouldn't otherwise do?
What about the fact that men and women can;t sit in the same area in local means of transport? I can respect the fact that you have this tradition, but I can certainly see no rationale for it.(just as I see no rationale for certain rules of the Catholic church for that matter). And I know- there are tens of elements you could point at the western lifestyle that you think are irrational and I'd probably agree with many f them, but as I said- I'm curious and I'm just wondering...
Hope you didn't take my words as offending...
have a great day
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