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Great langaloo 2006-05-28 4:05

You photograph landscapes like no one.
What is your secret? Brasil, your camera or your little "arrangements" with technology?
You get as many rich colours in your skies as in your fields in the fore-ground (no parts too dark or over-exposed), like a painter would and could, not me with my camera, why?
Again, bravo for your landscapes.

Old 05-29-2006, 08:04 AM
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Default To langaloo: secrets

Hello Langaloo!
Thank you for your very kind comments!
I think you are right about all!
BRASIL: I live in the southern, where we have many weather changing commonly. I use to take pictures near the mountains, where there are clouds almost all the time. I read once that our state (or our city, I donīt remember exactly) is the second most commom place to lightnings in the world. So... the place helps me, for sure!
MY CAMERA: My camera is not any special one. Iīve been shotting a Sony cybershot P10, compact without many options, with a bad Sony lens. But Sony has great sensor for colours! The size of the sensor is not the best, just 1/1.8, but its better than many other supposed better compact cameras.
TECHNOLOGY: Well, in the past the post processing was something only available for professionals in their labs. Today we can do it at home. So, yes I use to enhance my photos with some "arrangements", like you said. The most important is to help the camera on contrast and saturation. Itīs what I use to do.
So, I think we have some pretty skies here usually, and Iīve tried to go out to take pictures with good timing to do some nice captures. And finally, its easy to PP nice photos. The problem is to do something when the picture is not good. Like a painter, I think you know what I mean..
Thanks again and letīs keep in touch!
All the best to you!
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