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Great pwelliott 2006-05-27 11:22


I'm not sure I would have used sepia in this shot especially after seeing the original. You lost the nice subtle coloring of the floor and depth because of a diminished range of values. I also think there is too much yellow in this sepia making it muddy. I think I use sepia for two reasons. One, I feel more inclined to use it in a shot that has a mono chromatic feel to it and I want to emphasize that feature and perhaps give it a little more color. Two, I would use it when I want to convey warmth in a shot. I had not really thought of this in-depth before so this is the first of my thoughts on the subject of sepia and definitely not the final word. I am interested now to explore this a little further.

Concerning your composition, pov, and subject I feel you have really come a long way. This shot is excellent especially in color. This is my favorite of all of your gallery shots and one of my favorites of all your collection so far. I really like the negative space in this shot. You have really begun to understand the relevance of giving the eye guidance. The tilt of the shot makes me see the importants of the paper on the floor perhaps even adding to the confusion of what he is looking at. The picture coming in to the shot on the left pushes me back into the shot and the distance from the subject adds to the pensive feel this man is giving off. Not to mention you captured him in the perfect pose. He is crossing his arms, in a sense unwilling to accept or perhaps confused at what he is looking at. All of these elements and your artist eyes ability see and capture this make this shot excellent.


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Default To pwelliott: sepia

thanks so much for the props. It really means a lot coming from a trained artist.

Good thoughts too on the sepia thing. I was experimenting around with this one. I think it is a good thing to think on a bit. Maybe I will ask some forum dudes.
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