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Great Furachan 2006-04-26 3:59

You have developed such a distinctive visual style by now, Jerzy. I should say a "visual language" - these coppery, silvery colors, the sharpness, the placement of your main subject way off to the side. It produces a kind of hyper-reality that reminds me of these hyper-real paintings, almost photographic in their detail from the 70's I think...
Does one realize one has a style. What do you think, J? Is it a conscious thing or a natural evolution.
I really like this latest environmental portrait, and the fine note that goes with it.
Best wishes,

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Default To Furachan: style

I think one does realize it. I do. Ive been called a slave to style, but my response is that its not a conscious thing. You know? Its something automatic. I shoot what I want to shoot and a style sort of comes put of it. I think its the same for Jerzy. Is style a bad thing? NO way, I dont think. I mean Parr has a style, Webb has a style. You could easily make out a Webb from a Parr from a Salgado from a McCurry, right? I dont think style is a problem. i.e. your photos having a certain similarity to each other. It does become a problem when one's photos resemble other people's shots. Jerzy's never do. Yours dont, and you have a style and you know it. I hope mine dont.
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Default Re: To Furachan: style

Well yes. Here's a little story for you - months ago I got in touch with Tomgapup (Lisan) whom I am very fond of - asked her what she thought of my stuff lately... She answered in a mysterious way: "What are you looking at, or rather whose work are you looking at these days?" She meant that my stuff was boring to her at this stage, all looking the same and that I should seek inspiration from the big, fat Magnum book - which I have BTW. But there is a danger in looking at that stuff too much, ya know? I prefer to let the LENS dictate my course, and i KNOW you understand that, eh, Rafal? Let the LENS and the FF format I'm now dealing with take me there. Read Galeota's rare comment on my "girl in the street" 35mm shot recently - fascinating what the guy says...
Or take Luko - I don7t think it's entirely fair to him to say "Luko has a style" - sometimes you an tellm but it could be Simon sometimes of Arnaud, ya know? No, what yu have with luko is an "intelligence" of the medium, constantly and consciously at work...
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