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Old 04-13-2006, 10:16 PM
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Default Hi!

Hi Sebastien! You are coming to España ! Great ! If you are coming to the east part just warn and let me know ! La Alhambra in Granada is fantastic . In a cultural survey it turned out to be by far the most interesting and important monument in Spain , 2nd Escorial in Madrid and among others , Gaudí buildings in BCN , Cordoba mosque ...All Granada is interesting , specially sunsets in Albaicín just the old arab quartier opposite to the Alhambra with the Alhambra walls and Sierra Nevada mountains , breathtaking and grandious ...Not far Córdoba is interesting and Sevilla , the same and if you have the chance , little andalusian villages (called "white villages" in Cádiz or Málaga province :Ronda , Véjer de la frontera , Tarifa ...)

Somehow i'm a bit ashamed about what i wrote in your picture . I know that putting a Ché , Pope image does not unleash the same reaction in people than just a sunset landscape... but sometimes i know it is hard , intelligence must be shown by measuring the words you say and taking into account we all have different cultural roots and the way we express our feelings or see the reality is far different . So i was hard and ask my apologies . I had to say that i did not agree Ivana (but ok , i have my reasons and in an open debate i could have defended them , not in TE because they are just words, keyboards and screen and they can easily be misanderstood ) So you give us a lesson with your words , saying we should avoid entering a personal discussion and just to put on the others side and not only in words ...Surely Ivana is a charming girl and surely this discussion would not have been important talking in a pub and having beers in a friendly way(even talking about Stalin , Ché , Bush or European Union, Maradona or Zidane) . So you added a sane point in your comment , you were smart and intelligent ,but i talked more with my heart than with my head (so don't pay attention to what i say and Ivana did not deserve that ) . And that's what your images cause , reactions , beauty , admiration , controversies , less or far from indiference and your personal touch written adds it some interest(so , from time to time put a landscape to get us relaxed :) . So i know it is impossible to avoid controversies but it is avoidable to use hard words and that's what i will try (you know each culture , country has a certain "code" , "humour" scale , and style to express and grasp ideas and maybe spanish one in certain terms does not collide fully with others in other countries (we spanish have a very polished off culture of discussing apassionately). So you are right mon ami . Religion , politics all can cause discussion , TE admits people from every condition , culture, religion ... and it is advisable to walk with care ...imagine a cuban reading Ivana or Ivana trying to justify what Franco did in Spain just because her teacher in university recommended a wrong book(tendencious one) , it is walking on fire . But i assume my part of guiltiness and at the same time appreciate a lot your right and fair words to put peace and clarify hot minds

Surely you will have a better blue sky in Granada , all Andalusia is luminous and has a special spell

Have a nice day and enjoy these days ! See you ! and keep touch

I would try to talk to Ivana and arrange what i did wrong ;)
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