To Karitsiotis: Gracias!

  • Hi, Nikos...!
    Thanks for your comment..and yes..maybe the angle not was the best..but that day was very dificult time for take pictures, A LOT of wind, dust and very hot...but anyway..I can do it better.
    When you said to change mean? adjust? contrarst? I will apreciate aliittle bit help from you...
    Thanks for your time..see you.
    PD..I began to check your work..very very nice..beatiful pictures.
    Friendly, Beatriz
  • Gracias!
    Hi again Beatriz!I can imagine the difficulties..And yep i feel you can do much better!I wanted to post a workshop on your work here that's why i didn't explained anything about colours..I just had no time to do it yet..I meant both adjust and contrast and maybe a little correction..I will be here for anything you may need or want to ask..Feel free to do it..CU..

    Ps:I am checking your work too..You will have some critiques and comments soon.. :-)