To danielswalsh: Resizing

  • Dan... thanks for the tip. I actually do my normal post production work on the full size image, save a master copy for future printing, resize, fine tune sharpening, add frame/text and save out a file optimized for web display. The issue isn't when you add the frame and text, but how you fine tune the smaller version of the image which is what I think you meant to point out. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work and add your comment. I greatly appreciate it.
  • Re: To jimg: Resizing
    Hi again Jim;

    I normally like to do my P.P. on the full size image tand then it's just a matter of resizing and posting. But what I found is that the sharpness of the image and the frame (and or text etc) is lost when I do the resize. Quite noticeably I found...
    Just one of my pet peevs, and thought I'd pass on the tip.

    All the best,
    - Dan
  • now that I think about it
    I just realized that for most other forums my images are 832 px wide, but for here I just resize it down to 800 from the 832 version. This could account for a little bit of softness, but it should be ever so slight. As before thanks for pointing out the opportunity to improve.