To pamastro: Losing ground...

  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your visit, comments and reflections to my latest upload.

    I tried several different crops on this shot prior to upload - many of them in order to give it a wider look. But at a last minute check I decided on this one with the 'highest' cropping.

    However I did not try to just lose foreground - mine where more equally top/bottom - and looking at your "Iowa at 75 mph" again, I understand what you mean. Although I guess that you have a somewhat more interesting sky, whereas mine loses color at the top.

    Anyhow, I did a try and it's fully possible to do it like that, so thanks for the suggestion.

    Best regards,


    <I>P.S: Did you miss my previous upload? I'd be interested in your reflections, not so much on the shot, as on the architecture...</I>
  • Re: To pamastro: Losing ground...
    Hello Kaj

    I actually really like your sky and would leave it as it is, it suits the minimalist feel here.

    I haven't missed the photo of the cathedral. I'll definitely get back to it. I'm playing catch up with my favorites list. So I'll be back around to finish up on everything.

    But now the insides of my eye lids are calling me.

    Have a good day