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  jrj 2005-08-14 8:02

I guess Ulf this is your 'cheating' photo then.

Beside mainly cheating yourself the least you could do was to post the 'untouched' original as a workshop so we can compare and form an opinion of this 'cheated' product.

...still I sincerely hope that you are aware of the fact that the time of box cameras and some external devloperlab. for your films is in the past. Also that there can be great differences in how different cameras refer the 'truth' when the shutter is pressed.

Finally: There are several options to influence the result by camera settings before you klick the shutter, as it also is afterwards in a software. So pls. set the rules then so simple folks ut here may see the light..

..and for the critics you recieved for this photo - how do you feel when your purpose from the beginning was to 'cheat' the members using time and effort to comment your photo?

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Default To jrj: Morning dew

Hello Jack,

Many thanks for your comments. Sometimes you have to use unconventional methods to create a good discussion. My intention is to make people open their eyes and realize what I call cheating, but what others actually might find acceptable. What you say about labs in the past I find less relevant even if it true. What is important in my opinion is that editing programs open up for ennormous manipulations.

What I feel for those I have cheated I have already said. I sincerely appologize for it.

Best regards,

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Old 08-14-2005, 06:33 PM
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Default Re: To jrj: Morning dew

quite an interesting discussion;
there is a thin line of where the cheatting starts and where is an allowed lot of post processing, i think; and so far adam has been administering the thing quite well, and there is no need to challange him nor the te members on the issue, i reckon;
however, if you like to discuss the matter it would be quite interesting, but just one remark from me - not only editting programs offer "manipulation" - if you thing about an analog slr camera with its all gears, buttons, compensation and all sorts of "balancing" programs again there is a trap what is a reality, and what is a manipulation of the ANALOG world, don't you think?
(just to give you an example: set the exposure at -0.7 EV and you cheat the camera /and reality/ - or in this case you don't?, if "not" is your answer - then its quite interesting to learn why /but i think you are still on an analog side/)
bw, j.
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Old 08-14-2005, 07:59 PM
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Default Re: To jrj: Morning dew

Uhmm, desde luego es una discusión muy interesante. He visto la nota en la foto con título "Cheating TrekEarth members". En realidad yo soy de las personas que esta de acuerdo en usar la técnica para mejorar en lo posible una foto siempre que se desee un fin artístico (y dentro de unos límites), pero también respeto la opinión de Ulf. En mi opinión lo que se debe hacer es poner siempre la técnica con la que se ha sacado, yo siempre indico que post-proceso he hecho o si he utilizado filtros a los que estoy muy acostumbrado, por lo que no se me puede acusar de mentir. En casos en los que se desee representar fielmente la realidad opino que siempre entraremos en discusiones, porque si la camara esta en formato manual, lo que las marcas denominan la zona creativa ya estamos influyendo en lo que vemos y aún usandolas en automático 5 camaras distintas daran 5 fotos distintas de la misma composición. No estaría mal saber la opinión de otras personas sobre el tema porque es muy interesante.

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