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Great rbcy1974 2005-08-06 17:10

Hello Michael,
Excellent picture. You have captured the details of the train very sharply while showing the flor with a moving sensation. This is really good, how did you do it?
Regarding the separation, there is no prohibition to foreigners from taking the local cars, as a matter of fact if you take local transportation like the rest of the people they will treat you with more respect than id you just take tourist services.
The money from tourism as well as from other things does improve the life of locals, you have to go deep into the provinces to the poorest cities such as Ayacucho and Huancavelica to see how everyone now has electricity and water, and how itnernet cafes for locals are popping up everywhere. There is a lot of changes in the livign standards of people in the last 15 years and you can really tell if you compare the difference.

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Default To rbcy1974: Andese Train

Hi Daniel, Thank you for your explanation. I know Peru is a country with extraordinary beautiful nature, fascinating history and nice, proud and skilled people. My impression about the turist's money came from the people I saw around the railway stations - please look at : She was an exception, in the days to follow I will post some faces from the Pisac market - I loved that place. However existence of people like the begger indicates still a very low level of social care.
I understand there si a long way to go and electricity is probably the start of any development. And the Internet a tremedous leap in any education. However when I saw people in the Colca Canyon climbing 2000-3000 m from the canyon bottom up to the road, where they could buy salt, candles,....etc. I started to understand, that they probably do not need any World out of the Canyon and they can live happily and not to listen anything from the World around, they livge in there own World. And probably much happier than us. This will certainly change and I hope that the turists will contribute to the positive development and to helping people like the begger to live in a better World. The government does a lot to attract people to come. I appreciate that very much. But it will take a long long time.
Regarding the train, you are right. The major problem however remains the language. Excuse me my ignorance however I do not speak neither Spanish nor Kechua.
But I trust you, you obviously had the possibility to compare what was there 15 years ago and what is there now. And I wish to come back again.
Thanks for your comment ! Cheers, Michael
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Default Re: To rbcy1974: Andese Train

Hi Michael,
No problem. Its easy to have the wrong impression from the country as most tourists go to the andes region and see a lot of the rural landscape. The rural population in the Andes does have the lowest standard of living in the coutnry and watching thea ging signs of women particularly its really hard. However between 70 and 80 % of the population now live in cities and a big chunk of these are in the coast, there the standard of living is much higher than in the andean highlands. In the long term the best is having the least number of people engaging in subsistence agriculture, even though this will finish killing their ancestral culture, but in the other hand their standard of living will be higher.
Definetly a lot of the money does not go to where it should go, and a lot of money from all sources goes to the wrong hands.
Anyways you are still a keen observer and I appreciate your interest in my coutnry.
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