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Great chiquito 2005-07-26 5:23

Yesss :)
Sometimes you can make a good picture even if the trick is not nailed !!! I hope your camera is still in one piece :))
Guess what could happen when using a Fish-eye lens.. when you can get much closer to the subject because of the focal length ... Yeah, you need to be quickkkk to save your gear :)

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Default To chiquito: Hi again Tom...

Yes, thankfully the camera is fine and my little cousin Dave is able to keep his allowance for the next couple years. hahaha...
Being a "skater" and not a "photographer" he actually asked me to delete this one when I first took it, as it wasn't exactly a flattering shot. But I kept it anyways as I really liked it. So I asked him the other day if he'd mind if I posted it- to my surprise he said 'sure'.
Funny you should mention the fish-eye. I'm looking at picking up the Tamron Ultra Wide Lens. You have any brand suggestions for a fish-eye?

Cheers Tom,
- Dan
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Old 07-26-2005, 04:05 PM
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Default Re: To chiquito: Hi again Tom...

Hi Dan,

I understand Dave. Sometimes seeing an unsuccesful trick on photo looks goofy and I don't want to see myself in that position neither :))) but then realize that it's a moment of life and it's more honest than lots of other "family-photos" so better wait with deleting :)))
If you'd like to take these kind of action photos you'd better buy a fish-eye and not a wide angle (which is perfect for landscapes) 'cos with the fisheye you can make the subject even more focused than a wide angle. And the distortion effect given by the fish-eye makes the pic more dramatic !!
I use a Sigma 15mm fisheye which is better than I thought. It gives maximum sharpness even in the corners and fairly cheap. But attaching it to a DSLR it became a very good wide angle lens because of the focal lenght difference !
So if I want to make nice fish-eye pix with my DSLR I'd better look for a 10.5mm which is kind of equal to my 15mm which I use on my Nikon f65... I don't know if there is any good fisheye for Canon DSLR but for a 35mm camera I recommend Sigma 15mm !!
I hope I could help :)
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Old 07-26-2005, 04:55 PM
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Default Fish eye

by the way Dan
If you still haven't seen some of my fish-eye photos you can check here: :)

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