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Great kajenn 2005-07-17 18:58

Bonjour Viviane,
I hope you're doing well in Zeeland, as I understand you did in that beautiful part of France in June. Thanks ever so much for remembering me with a 'real' postcard... ;o)

I remember well the original upload of this shot and when it comes to showing the spirit of Provence I like this composition better. The original cropping did mediate more of the vertical feeling and it's still visible here - in the lines of the walls, the gate and the lanterns - although not that salient. The colors and the light are extremely well handled. Very well done!

Due to serious computer problems – go to my intro page for further information – I've not been able to upload or critique as much as I'd like. In an effort to rectify this, I'll do my best to catch up on your shots – but will probably not be able to write a comment on all of them. I hope you understand.

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Default To kajenn: Bonjour dear Kaj...

I read your "malheurs" with the computer before, I'm glad everything seems to work now and I really hope you haven't lost too much photographs, it would be such a pity! - I copy my last pictures every week on an ordinary CD and every fifty "best" pictures [the ones I absolutely would not want to loose!] on a good quality CD as Verbatim.

Thank you for your critiques, as thoughtful as always, and of course greatly appreciated! :o)

Amitiés - Viviane & Chris
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Default Re: Bonjour dear Kaj...


Thanks for your reply, concern and advise about my images.

Yes, I had to buy a new computer, although the old one is still working - intermittent - with it's HD intact and the previous HD - used as backup - inside. So today I have two computers and images stored on three HDs and a certain amount of them on CDs.

So, no, I didn't loose any of my photographs, but they are in a mess - plus I lost all of my imaging software. Next step will be to connect the computers in a network, so I'll be able to transfer the images into correct files. And finally to have the discipline to regularly copy what I have on CDs.

In the end I'll come out 'on top' - upgraded in all aspects and ready to travel again... ;o)

My best regards to you and Chris, wishing you a nice weekend!

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