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Great mkamionka 2020-07-04 2:59

Hi Paul,
These are quite famous shapes indeed.
I am glad you are showing it from different angles, less popular as well, which allows me to better imagine the atmosphere of this place.
Your note is quite interesting with plenty of useful information.
You are certainly a very lucky person. Having good health, a lot of time and enough money to enjoy your retirement in the best way I could imagine.
This is may be something what other people don't have, and that is why they rush to see other places. But I understand your point regarding the selection of places. I always wondered why people for example travel coast to coast in the USA, which find not very interesting because you spend a lot of time in the relatively boring centre of the country while you could travel either along one of the coasts or stay in the spectacular southwest. May be they don't have experience in traveling and they decide base on an impulse rather than thinking it through.
Sometimes people are just part of organized tour as well.
Great reportage,

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Default To mkamionka: To be lucky

Thank you Mariusz,

My experience is that rushing from one place to another makes the journey much more expensive.
Not the extra overnights or the extra meals.
It all depends from place fo place of course. From country to country.

On my latest journey I was in six different countries, all of them countries where providing for ordinary living was quite affordable for a westerner.
I also wanted to visit Singapore but I couldn't find a place to stay that I could afford. Was that period in Singapore special because of some happening or not??? I don't know.
So I didn't go to Singapore and went to Kuala Lumpur where even the centre of the city had good and affordable hotels and restaurants.

So my point of view is a bit different from yours.
There are places in the world that I will most likely never visit, and there are others that I may be able to visit more than once.

During my last trip I met a lot of westerners who were on the road for a longer time.
Some of them were still very young. Others had waited until retirement to be able to travel longer.
It was funny that one evening in Luang Prabang, Laos, I sat at the table of a restaurant with three other Europeans. All four of us were 64 and all four had retired a few months earlier.

My conclusion is that it is not the people who made the most money in their country that you meet along the way.
You also meet people who can achieve a lot with little money.

The happiness of enjoying a good health is of course fantastic.
This is possibly the most difficult criterion. I must confess that I had knew people in my circle of friends who are no longer here because of cancer, for example. Knowing that sometimes things can change very quickly in life made me decide to enjoy life more, in my case by travelling.
Fortunately, I made that journey. How the future wille be with the coronavirus cannot be estimated with certainty.

All the best !

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