Has anybody driven in Ecuador?

  • I'm planning to go to Ecuador in April and wonder what's the best way to get around. My husband and I like to travel independently, cover a lot of ground and visit some off-the-beaten track places. Is the public transit system comfortable, easy to use and frequent? Can you get to most places by public transit? What about renting a car -- has anybody done it, and is it expensive? Are the roads good or hazardous for driving? Is gas affordable? I would appreciate any info I can get. Thanks.
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    Hi Eva -- I have travelled in Ecuador, but have not rented a car, and honestly, probably would not. Public transport is easy to use fairly frequent, and goes pretty much everywhere. Some of it, particularly on longer distances is comfortable. Driving, at least in my opinion, could be hazardous, especially in the mountains where the roads are very narrow, very windy, and don't always have guard rails. One fun transportation thing is the Nariz del Diablo train (check to see if it is running) that goes from Riobamba to near Guayaquil (and vice versa). The train has two engines and goes through a series of switchbacks, alternating engines, and you can sit on top on the train. It's kind of touristy, but fun.

    It's been about six years since I was there, but don't hesitate to ask if you need more info.

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    Thanks, Mimi. Public transit sounds easy and fun. If I have any more questions, I'll write you. Eva