First Time , winter travel advice ?

  • hello all,

    i am a new user on this forum, and i have joined this forum for the purpose of gaining knowledge from some more experienced travelers. i haven't traveled to much in my life and have only taking a few years of photography. These are not even one of my many side hobbies but i enjoy doing the two alot.

    thread topic;
    anyways, i have been thinking about this for about 3 months now, and i would REALLY like to travel during the winter. I REALLY want to travel to a snow mountain / snow desert type of region, or areas of the earth with amazing almost near "prehistoric ice age type" geography such as the Himilayas or Auden's Col. Mainly i want to be in a random place on the earth viewing a variety of super enthralling geography ; giant ice glaciers or giant snow mountains and of course taking thousands of picture documentations.

    i need advice because i dont know where this ideal traveling location would be. please help me begin my expedition. thanks.

    do not take me for some guy in over his head , im willing to endure the forces of nature and realize my limits as a first time traveler. i just dont want to be stuck with wasted money siting on a cruise ship taking pictures with a bunch of tourists.