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  • I'm not the only one
    Hi Andrew

    I'm definitely not the only one. John Cannon (Tyro) had exactly the same Problem today with waiting critiques.

  • Exceedingly strange. I just read John's comment to you about the problem. It has never affected me. Why are so few people reporting it? And what form does it take - do the characters take a long time to appear on the screen when you press the keys? I know you are convinced it is not a problem on your own computers, but can you confirm that you're using the Firefox browser? It looks like you, John and lovettcms, who started this thread, all use the same browser, which may be relevant.

    If you're using Firefox it might be worth having a look at these:

  • Same problem....
    Hi Andrew,

    Yes, as Lisa said, I have been having the very same problem, particularly when writing critiques. It doesn't seem to be a problem here when writing on the forum.

    When writing critiques (on "new" TE and not "beta" TE), I have to type exceedingly slowly otherwise words don't appear or else appear with missing letters. I'm using Windows 10 but the same thing happens irrespective of whether I use IE11 or Microsoft Edge or Firefox as a browser.

    Interestingly, I tried using a website called Powermapper and it came up with a considerable amount of errors on the TE website though I'm not quite sure what they all mean so I'm not sure if that's going to be of any help!

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi guys, a couple quick questions so we can work out the issue.
    Can anyone provide a link to photos where the critique is having trouble?
    Tyro has the problem on Windows 10, is anyone with the issue using a different OS?
  • Problem now seems resolved - at least for me!
    Thank you, Joel, for your reply.

    I must now admit that, as of last night, the problem seems to be resolved - at least for me!

    I can now type critiques on any picture of my choosing and type at normal speed, the letters and words all appearing as they should. I'm not quite sure what was the problem but it was extremely irritating at the time.

    Kind Regards,

  • I spoke too soon.....
    Oh dear, having written less than an hour ago that my problem in writing critiques appeared to have been resolved, I'm afraid the problem now seems to have returned with a vengeance.

    Writing my short critique on this picture of Lisa's took me almost ten minutes because letters were not appearing as I typed them and I had to go back and correct each word after I'd typed it.

    And, once again, surprise, surprise, I see that "viewed" counters on photographs appear to have stopped working today. Ho hum.

  • Bolding
    And once again, the bolding is an issue. If ANY member forgets to close the bolding, italics, underline etc, then ALL subsequent posts remain in bold. This is not the fault of the member, but something most other sites have addressed and installed preventative measures. It remains for TE to do so. The member must have spotted it too as the problem has now been corrected and the bolding closed.
  • Bolding issue has been reported


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