Profile pic?

  • Hsllo. I really do not know whom to ask - maybe someone will assist? I just cannot change my profile picture - it got stuck on one I accidentally loaded - every time I remove it - try to substitute - it goes back to the old (wrong) one! ? What now - rather no pic at all!
  • Profile picture
    Did you try clearing your cache???
  • Yes I did .... still no luck It goes back to old one - only way currently is to delete it again
  • Hi Annette,

    I haven't any other answer that Laurent's one so I'll move this thread to the Feedback & Support Forum as it is the first forum the Tech Team will check...

    Amicalement - Viviane
  • I wonder...
    ... if it is such a trivial thing as file size?
  • There was a similar thread some time ago where people were unable to change their profile photo. Maybe it's the same bug reappearing, or the old one was never resolved.
  • Test reply from tech team.