To emka: Fishermans Wharf

  • Hi Malgorzata, It is rather difficult to identify which Fisherman's Wharf came first the one in San Francisco or the one in Monterey. Italian fisherman in SF really created the need for the wharf there. It began in SF around the time of the Gold Rush 1848, but the physical structure in SF came after the earthquake of 1906.

    The wharf in Monterey camer into being in 1870 and except for damages, fires etc, it has existed since that time according to my research.

    No quetion, most people, particular foreign tourists think there is only the Wharf in SF. They both are tourist attractions, and I daresay that the one in SF has more visitors, particularly foreign visitors. I think the one in Monterey is smaller and is less crowded. I like them both. Enjoy Japan. Regards, Roger