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  • Ansel Adams
    Quote: Thanks Tolga for this words!...
    Merci Tolga pour ton intervention !...

    Ansel Adams said...
    A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words...
    Une véritable photo n'a pas besoin d'être expliquée, et elle ne peut être contenue dans des mots…
    I don't care what Ansel Adams said. I like an explanation on TREKEARTH!
    He may be right about pure photography, but the purpose of TE is "Learning about the world through photography'. Then a note is always very useful if not necessary!
    What Ansel Adams said probably applies more to TL!

    Best regards.
    Marie Louise.
  • French or English
    If many comments are in French, it means that many non english writters are posting, making life on this site. So why they should translate for you their comments. You say it's hard to translate French to English, it's hard also to do the contrary!!! And what about all the other langages used?

    I get italian, polish, spanish ... comments I don't understand, but I don't care, because what is important is the picture!
    Have a nice day! Sorry for my english if it is not correct
  • Languge
    Since Google translate almost every languge - what seems to be of any problemo???
  • I Prefer the Use of the English Language
    I prefer the use of the English language as more people including me can understand it.

  • languages / línguas
    English below.

    Não me preocupo muito com a língua que usam nos comentários às minhas fotos, ou qual a qualidade da língua usada. Se eu puder traduzir, óptimo! Se for uma má tradução, haja paciência, pois é melhor que nada! Se eu não conseguir traduzir, não é o fim do mundo; pelo menos sei que alguém viu a foto e dedicou uma parte do seu tempo a escrever algumas palavras.
    Tradução automática, não corrigida:

    I do not care what language they use in comments to my photos, or what the quality of language used. If I can translate, great! If a bad translation, there is patience, it is better than nothing! If I can not translate, is not the end of the world, at least know that someone saw the picture and has devoted a portion of his time to write a few words.
    Machine translation, not corrected.
    (Original in Portuguese.)