Photo Book -- Help Please

  • I wonder if any of you have experience in making a photo book? I want to compile a book of Namibian landscapes but have no experience at all. I have been looking at Blurb (specifically Book Smart) Has anyone produced a Blurb book and what did you think of the quality? I hardly ever print photographs and have no idea about editing for print colour management requirements. If anyone can help in any way, I would be really grateful. If you have produced a high quality book with another on-line outfit that you can recommend, could you point me in the right direction.

    Thanks in anticipation!

  • I tried only a photobook for my granddaughter, but Giorgio Mercuri (Giorgimer) has five books at blurb,

    ask him about his experiences.
    Hugs Malgo
  • Thanks!
    Hi Malgo - Thanks for the 'heads up' I shall drop Giorgio a note.

    Warm regards from a really cold Namibia.

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    Hello Rosemary
    I'm very pleased with the results I got from . They have a large variety of sizes and formats, and you have complete freedom to design each page as you see fit. On the last TE meeting in Shropshire, Ann Jackman and her partner also showed me some excellent books that they'd had done by a different company: can't remember the name, but Ann could tell you.
  • Thanks Will
    My first effort will be published by Blurb. I shall see how it works out but from all reports it has good crits. I shall have a look at your suggestion too. I appreciate your input.

    Have a good weekend.

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    Hi Rosemary

    I used Blurb a couple of years back and found the quality to be very good, but putting the book together was quite time consuming as the interface was not the easiest to use. Since then, however, I know Blurb have updated the composition tools and I believe it is now a lot more intuitive. A wedding photographer friend of mine regularly uses Blurb to produce 'wedding albums' and he is very happy witht hte results.

    Hope that helps - good luck with your project

    Neil Lewis
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    Thanks Neil for your input. The interface seems quite user friendly and I plan to go ahead with Blurb and see what the results are like. Does your photographer friend have any comments/tips wrt colour reproduction?

    Best regards rosemary
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    None that I'm aware of. from my own experience, colour rendition and picture clarity were faithful to the images uploaded.


  • I had a Cross-Canada Bike Book made by which turned out excellent on the first pass. I would have a look at what they offer for laying it out. Here is a Viovio review:
    Here is a link to my Viovio book pages:
    I have just created the pages as PDFs and uploaded the "photos". Viovio has a good looking photo-sharing section as well. Just click on the first photo then step through them using the thumbnails in the upper right.
    I used inDesign and made pdf images for each page. I had background, photos and text along with a special cover image. You could do that with Photoshop as well. You may look at Adobe Elements for the layout too. Then you would have a very good photo-editing program as well.
    For other alternatives, I have seen great results from Apple if you have iPhoto and I have heard some great things about Mpix.
    Also check out this article:
    Along with in-depth reviews of the popular sites, he mentions "FotoFusion" software that looks very interesting for doing the layout (and there is a 20% off coupon number there.)
    One thing to be aware of is that some of the page images may be cropped off at the edges. Check with the printer to see how much space to allow for this. It can be substantial.
    Good luck with your project ............. Dave
  • Thanks You Dave
    Hello Dave - Thanks so much for your input on self publishing. I have checked out the link to your personal book pages; an impressive ride and a very nice book to celebrate the achievement. I'm just about finished with my first attempt and have used Blurb this time. I shall see how the final product works out but will keep your suggestions in my mind for next time.

    Many thanks and kind regards Rosemary