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Old 03-20-2007, 07:11 AM
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Default Re: The value of a photo

Hello Ramy...
I think I must take this chance to defend Henk...You seem to have misundestood his point; or atleast had it backwards. I don't think he was making excuses for those people from wealthier countries (atleast some are wealthier), but he was pointing out the discrepency...actually, Henk was just asking a hypothetical question. Judging from the few things I've seen about Henk, he is not a person who should be criticised...he obviously gives back to a community in which he has become a friend and confidant...
Now, commenting on being a "part of that system". You know, people can be mislead...people can make mistakes...Not all Germans were Nazis, not all Europeans were Native American killers...not all Middle Eastern people are terrorists...we must all learn about the world.
I might be comfortable in my surroundings right now...but there are many people here who have nothing...who are starving alongside their children. These people can't figure out why we are spending so much money and time in a country so far away, who doesn't even want us, knowing that a slight fraction of that money could feed Their family for the rest of their lives. So, when the father and his crippled daughter were killed in a trailer recently...after he moved them into ever more meager surroundings just so he could take care of his daughter...After well meaning people turned their backs because they lost interest. After devoting his life and time to a 21 year old daughter who had the mind of a sixth month old...after scrounging for food and trying to keep his family tell the mother who was left alive that she doesn't know what's really going on everyday because of where she lives.

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Old 03-20-2007, 07:33 AM
Ramy Ramy is offline
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Default Re: The value of a photo

Thank you for making things clear christopher.
Thats a powerful story you have told. I now know life in the United States can be really difficult and impossible as well.
I was directing my words more towards UK, since they're the main cause of whats happening and what has happened in the past (Iraq, India-Pakistan, Rwanda, Israel-Palestine ...etc.) Those are the people that have brought so much pain and suffering to this world to be sitting in their high thrones and saying that without them the world wouldnt be a wonderful place. I dont see how this saying works "What comes around goes around". All I see is more suffering in Africa, Iraq, India while the UK gets richer and richer. Its been over a 1000 years that UK has been doing this and what comes around keeps coming and never going around.
All I am saying, that indian man had too much in his heart to deal with, and saying something out of pain cant make anyone judge him.
Thank you for thanking the time to answer.
Regards, Ramy.
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Old 03-20-2007, 09:34 AM
rafid76 rafid76 is offline
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Default Re: The value of a photo

hay Ramy!
i just think that the blame will always lie on governments, the people of the lands are forced by means of propaganda, false sense of patriotisim & national pride and state of fear. naturally people do not want war, and according to history and present governments that are usually rich politiciens doing their part in securing their dynastys and whoever else sponsers them. so the common people weather english, american or dutch, are not to be fully blamed, look at the anti war marches around the world since the invasion started, they had the biggest in england since WWII, and in the USA you see this daily basis near the white house and else where in europe. now that must tell you something.
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Old 03-20-2007, 12:35 PM
Ramy Ramy is offline
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Default Re: The value of a photo

You're right Robert, It tells me something when they protest and I am glad to see it. I was just showing that people have different views and that man might have been one of them. He spoke out of anger or maybe he had too much to deal with or even he might have had a bad day. If it was me, I would laugh and ask what would he want in exchange for his picture, if its something not reasonable, I would delete it right away. I encounter people that tell me this isnt my country and I better shut up or leave, I would just smile and walk away, because I am not going to give them the joy of seeing me mad. Cases like this happen Henk and I hope you dont take it personal, life is full of craziness. Thanks for letting me share.
Regards, Ramy.
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Old 03-20-2007, 02:09 PM
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Default Re: The value of a photo

Indeed these things happens, Ramy, reason I have put the question, to be aware, to anticipate, no matter how, as long it is enjoyable for you and the person you want to take a photo of, humor and charming helps a lot like the saying "I want to show you to my mother !":)).

One thought about your reply on the first question though, if your target is more technical experiments less interest to enhance subjects, why going then abroad as you could do that as well at home, no ? TE mention learning about the world through photography, not the other way around .... so if you travel what would people expect and would be then your first concern here on TE with it's unique approach, making it so differant from other photosites ?
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