Map not updated... Why ?

  • Why is the map of my profil not updated ? Should I modify a setting ?
  • Which country or countries do you think are missing?
  • If you take a look at your map in, you will find every country of yours clearly marked. The old version is just barely functioning and no longer updating.
  • I don't know which is an old or new version, but when I look at my profile at this link :
    there is only Thailand to be tinted, while 9 other countries are missing
  • countries?
    All your photographed countries are brown.. refresh your browser (F5 for windows OS)
  • it looks to be a Google Chrome issue because it works on IE8
  • I'm seeing it fine in Chrome and FF as well. Refresh your browser; otherwise you may want to try upgrading to newest version, or uninstalling/reinstalling.
  • all good now, thanks very much guys