To Noel_Byrne: Clouds

  • Gidday Noel

    I hope you enjoyed your Friday Beerio after what sounds like a stressful week. And I hope the new job is going well. Nothing quite like Beer and Couches eh?

    The mountain you see in the BG is Mount Vesuvius, probably the most dangerous volcano in the world, and responsible for destroying Pompeii, Herculaneum and Dad's hometown of Stabia two millennia ago. He looks very peaceful and sleepy here doesn't he? Let's hope he stays that way, although 2,000 years is a long time for anyone to remain asleep.

    I was really lucky here with the clouds - and indeed with everything that happened that morning. Before going, I'd stopped into a caffe at daft o'clock, and the nice owner sent me off with hot coffee and a hot croissant, telling me where to go for the best photo. She thought I was mad, telling me it would rain. Neapolitans have a saying, "Quann' 'o Vesuvio tene 'a cappa, si nun chiove ogge, dimane nun scappa", which means if Vesuvius has clouds over its crater, if it doesn't rain today, it'll rain tomorrow. The signora was right: after the sun went, it started to drizzle with rain. So I definitely didn't have any control over the weather, although am not convinced she didn't

    Thanks again, have a great weekend, you deserve the rest