Latitude & Longitude on Uploads

  • Ok, I have scoured these forums and have found no reference to the location latitude and longitude fields when I edit my uploads.

    I recently got a GPS for my Nikon D300 - it automatically populates the EXIF data of the file. I thought perhaps TE would recognize these tags (as Google Maps and other Google photo sites do), but no. Apparently only a small amount of the EXIF data is actually recognized and brought over into the photo information of the post.

    Even before I started using the GPS I tried to populate the Latitude and Longitude fields, but have never been successful. Once I got a map to show up, but the location was way off from the photograph location.

    What are the exact numbers or format these fields are looking for?

    Is this even important or useful? Does anyone even care if there is a satellite map of where the photograph was taken?

    Thanks for your time,

    Reed Radcliffe
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    Hello Reed,

    for me it's enough to know about the country and region/village where it has been taken when the note gives us enough information about what we see. I think for most of us ?
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    The lat/long information is to be entered in decimal form, i.e. the 0.00000 should be replaced just as it stands including the <B>.</B> e.g. 12.34567. And note that if your position is west of the Greenwich Meridian (0), as well as south of the Equator (0) you have to start with a minus (-).

    I find the easiest way to locate my coordinate is to use GoogleEarth, where you're able to set the reading directly to decimals.

    And I also find this information valuable and always try to include it. I even do so to older uploads whenever opening them - as there was a time when I too was ignorant.
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    Hi Reed,

    Yeah, TE makes you do it by hand so most people don't bother. You can't search TE by that criteria anyway so hopefully future updates will facilitate entry and use of that valuable data like Flickr or ePhotozine (and probably other sites).


    Bob G.
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    Hi Kaj,

    Thanks for your help - I got it from Google Maps, too, and have updated many of my photos.

    Have a great one!

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    Hi Reed,

    Just to tell you that I find it useful and I know many here that find it useful, too.
    But of course, I can also live without it.

    TE features are here for those who care; those who don't - they don't need to use them. Simple as that!


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    I found these also very informative.
    If you don't have the decimals you can change it easily with this calculator.

    I live so north that unfortunately the map function don't work properly. It is probably because of the high latitude? If you try the map in this TE-photo you can see what I mean. In the map view you must press the map- button to see the map but with the - button as is adviced don't work! So you can see the map but not the hybrid (as you can do in Google Earth). Hope you get what i mean.
    So I hope this bug to be fixed!

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    The detail of the photos in Google Earth varies from location to location. Some places have very detailed photos, some others don't.
    Unfortunately, the satellite photo of the location of your photo is not good. That is why does not appear in Hybrid.
    You have to wait few more months, Googloe might upload a better photo.