To tyro: Blushing...

  • Bonjour John,

    You were really sweet in your critique and this is the kind of comments which makes everyone happy to get... It makes me wanting to continue to post on this Scotland travelogue!
    Fact is that I, too often, use my IPhone instead of my camera... Easy, light, always in your pocket... But I must recognize that the quality can be poor, especially by such wide lanscapes!
    But really, we simply love Scotland. We had one month there and one month in Cornwall but if I must choose which one is absolutely stunning, I would chose Scotland again!
    Next year we will have to go to Cornwall again because of the “little job” we do for the Camping Organisation ACSI because it makes us easier to cross the channel at a low price and also because we would love to see everyone again at Oxford. But Scotland is still one of our favorite destinations, definitely!