Year in Pictures 2007

  • Quite a nice slideshow on MSN covering the year in pictures 2007. Some really powerful, inspiring and emotional images:


    Bob G.
  • Re: Year in Pictures 2007
    Wow, that was impressive. Thanks Bob.

    And at the end they expect us to vote on the best. Just one!
  • Re: I abstained
    I couldn't pick so I didn't vote. It sure gave me a lot of inspiration though.

    Wishing you and yours the very best holiday season and in incredible 2008!

    Bob G.
  • One word: THANKS
    an incredible succession of fantastic shot!
    thanks for sharin it with us.

    have a nice end of year
  • Re: One word: THANKS
    Great, thank you for the link
  • Re: Year in Pictures 2007
    Thank you. That really was an amazing gallery. I liked the space gallery also. I thought that the photograph of the indian man with the kite strings was the greatest image photographed. Exceptional quliaty.

  • Re: Year in Pictures 2007
    Some truly amazing shots - thanks for the link Bob.

    Happy Christmas, Roberto