To Adam: Bug (wrong photos / thumbnails)

  • Hi,

    I had never seen it before - what appears in these pages can't match what people uploaded and/or the thumbnail doesn't match the actual post or WS. Examples: - the thumbnail of "Reflection", by <i>babbi</i> is wrong, but the actual WS is ok ( Curiously, the thumbnail resembles another post (, although it has a vertical layout while the original has a horizontal layout. The latter post was subject of a WS made by the same member (Dpbours) that also made the WS which thumbnail is wrong.

    On another WS by Dpbours, the thumbnail looks right (, but when we open the WS page we get a zoomed version of a tiny India map (

    PS: Now that I have refreshed, all the thumbnails look right.
  • Re: To Adam: Bug (wrong photos / thumbnails)
    Hi Josť
    I checked the said thumbnails, from here they are OK... I think you should empty the cache... :D