To kinginexile: Back again

  • are right about the framing. But I was just checking, and I was probably steering my camera away from a power pole and lots of wires at the front, although of course they can be "surgically" removed later. I find sometimes that a beautiful wat is really hard to capture either because of lots of junk, like lamp posts and power lines, or one can't get far enough back because really they are just so darn big! Of course the 10-20 lens comes in handy for tight spots, but always requires series "warping" in photoshop to set everything straight. This photo in question was with the 24-70 so not so bad. Here is one that was perched on a hill, but I was able to squeeze inside the gate and get a nice compo with the 10-20! Cheers,
  • wats
    Yes, not easy to make a good photo of a wat, that is more than just showing that wat.

    I have very few photos of wats, per se. either, it' s in context as there is something happening around, or I zoom for some detail. all in all, maybe a few dozens in the 10 of thousand shot taken over the years.

    It will be interesting to test a very wide-angle on the 5D, since until know the widest I ever had was 28mm (17-40 f/4).

    Really excited... Leng Kee, here I am, soonest, and with you!