French and English labels / how to switch?

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    I think I understand the problem and it looks like another bug. Just to the right of your user-name or sign-in label there is a white box with a drop down menu so you can change the language in which you view TE. Mine is set to 'English' but if I wanted to change to another language it won't do it. All it does is look like the page is changing but it reverts immediately to 'English' again. I can understand the frustration if you are inadvertently set to a language you don't understand.

  • Thanks - Francisco (XUXAO) has hit the nail
    Thank you very much for your effort to help me. It seems Francisco was right (clever boy), I accidentally browsed the French version of TE ( instead of www. trek....) I did not notice it so I was very confused.

    Friendly regards