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Great Luko 2008-08-31 2:01

Fantastic photo, packed with people although with almost no overlap regarding the main characters, which makes it very interesting with lots of details and easy to read. I may assume this is THE best or one of th ebest you've ever done Cheuk Hin.

The other good thing is the way the reading travels fluently between the forground couple and the waiter, the two blokes holding their glass in between the waiter and the woman are also worth mentioning. The secret relies on the position of the arm of the guy which acts like a directional arrow, in that matter clicking was at adequate time.
This is something I always wait for : I find you often can rely on the limbs to offer some strauture in people portraits, otherwise it's sometimes plain ...duh... look in the face... see many close wide angle portraits in Trekearth, the photographer is just happy snapping someone for no reason, while on the photography field they too often lack any compositional skill.

Now let's talk about the lighting. The essence of photography. the good thing is the way the neonlight lights up everything on a directional way, fortunetaly the waiter clear shirt makes a bright oasis in an overall dark mood. I have just one pick on your photo, you might take the history brush tool and slighly brush the left hand side guy face and arm on screen mode, just to make the reflections come out a little more.. but slightly, eh...

Oh yeah... I forgot... looks yummy. It's been about two years I didn't come to South East Asia... I miss soy and garlic seafood...

Goes to my favorites.

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Default To Luko: hello luko

Thank you very much for the detailed commentary! To be honest, I did not think much (composition-wise) when I took the shot, I only tried to get as close as possible and also getting those two in the frame.

Afterward, I did notice some structural merits in the composition (as you said, his arm - which leads into the middle), which promoted me to upload. However, I didn't recognize those other details you mentioned, such as the neon and the waiter's shirt. So, thanks very much for telling me :)

Next time when you're in HK, I'd be glad to take you for some garlic seafood :)

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Old 09-01-2008, 04:53 PM
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Default Re: To Luko: hello luko

"Next time when you're in HK, I'd be glad to take you for some garlic seafood :)"
You bet, Cheuk Hin ;) ...I copy this message into my agenda!

Have you looked at the links I sent you in PH private messaging?
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Default Re: To Luko: hello luko

Yes, I have just downloaded those plug-ins. Thank you very much!
Cheuk Hin
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