RP (re-post) is a new photo count?

  • My question : if a re-post is made, will it be treated as a new photo count to Total Photos Info on intro page? Thanks
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    Yes, it will.
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    No, I didn't when I made the repost last time.
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    It will, I'm sure about that. Try it you'll see.

    Here's a reply from Adam in thread about the Repost function in the annoucement forum. And even thought that he said he might change the limit later, I'm sure he never did. This was in 2002 at the time the daily posting limit was 2 or 3 pictures.
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    Hi Bill,
    No, I made only one re-post so far (2 month ago) and it's not been treated as a new picture.

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    I have 130 photos according to my intro list, but if you click on the box next to my name . . . it sais 133 notes.
    So although I have 133 photos . . . three are the same and I guess Adam changed the counting one day . . . to show I have 130 different photos.
    Actually . . . I have a lot more . . . because sometimes I post workshops to my own photo . . .
    hope it helps,
    and with this speed (Einstein comes to my mind . . . )


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    Definitively: it does NOT increment the photo counting on the intro page, but it DOES consume the daily quota for posting, that is, if you have made a post, you aren't allowed to repost and vice-versa.

    I have read somewhere in the forums, but I have never tried myself that a repost is allowed and not barred by the quota limit if done just a few minutes after the post, but if that happens it doesn't show as "repost" and the original image disappears completely, it's like a "2nd upload try".

    My accounting is easy to do, as I have only one repost...
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    If you delete your picture within 5 minutes after you've posted it then your daily quota is restored and so you can post another picture. But that's a different function than the repost function.