Need help with chosing a DSLR Camera

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    No source Emiel, I just think it's the most logical next move for Nikon if they want to increase their market share.
    At the moment, even though the D2x is a fine camera, they have nothing to touch the Canon IDs Mk II. At the consumer end of the range, Nikon has the better products, but if they want to be a serious competitor at the top end of the market they need to produce models that can compete with the Canon full frame cameras.
    Another reason to expect a FF Nikon in the near future is the fact that Sony has recently released prototype shots of their new top-end model. It has a big prism and is almost certain to be FF. The new Sony 35mm format lenses also point in that direction; they certainly didn't make them to please users of old Minolta Dynax film bodies!
    Nikon use Sony sensors in their cameras, so I would expect a FF D3/D3X before the end of the year. This should ensure that they can compete at the top end of the market, but if they really want to keep up with Canon in the high-end enthusiast market, they need to make the successor to the D200 compete on equal terms with the Canon 5D and it's successor. I'd expect a FF D300 a few months after the D3X. Fingers crossed!
    Of course, this is all speculation, but one things for sure - the next year or so should be very interesting indeed...
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    The only option will be the Sigma 30/1.4, which is a good lens, but which is not tiny either and it is not made by Nikon, which many want.

    That's an nderstatement, it's a very good lens, for example read this (expirienced!) user review here :

    not the last alinea, but the one before that it.

    Besides that, your post was interesting to read.

    About Nikon and fullframe, I've read things about (rumours though) such as this :

    Nikon has stated that if and when they release a fullframe DSLR it will include a larger diameter lensmount. The F-mount (and similar sized mounts used by other brands) is not capable of producing the image quality on the frame edges required for a digital sensor. Due to internal processes in the sensor which do not happen in film there will be too much loss of quality."

    (comment on

    They thus might need a new mount..and will they do that? It's a high price to pay.

    Maybe the yields of full frame sensors for Nikon are just not high enough. The price is significant higher.
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    I read just the other day, I think it was on Mike Johnston's site, that there are some strong rumors that the D3X will be something like 18mp and will be a 1.1X crop (almost full frame), with shake absorbtion (a la Pentax and Sony/KM) built into the body. That would be interesting I think. I have heard some interesting rumors from people who should have good information about the next Pentax too. That information suggests that Pentax too will be coming out with a larger sensor, but not quite full frame too. Actually, not quite a 1.1X crop, but bigger than 1.5X. I think what we are seeing now is the end of the megapixel wars and the new war starting, which is one of sensor size. All very interesting.

    I can't see Nikon coming out with a new lens mount: It would give little reason for existing users to stay with Nikon and I can't imagine them pushing their base towards Canon. For some, having to buy new lenses would certainly be such a push.
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    Hi Darren,

    I do agree with your comment on the 6 megapixel. I also have made some amazing shots with 6 megapix cameras! But it has to be said, that when you invest in a camera, you will not start with a big zoom lense and - if buying the kit - the kit lense is not that great and often soft on the egdes. In that sense, the 10 megapixels give you enough room to go and crop!

    But yeah, also right when it comes to light sensitivity, comparing exactly two of the same sensors with different no of pixels. But for example the same 10 megapix sensor can be used in various cameras with totally different results on speed and light sensitivity.

    Have a good day! Dennis
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    Hi Hemant,

    I've been playing around with the Canon 350D and 400D of friends. Yeah, it just doesn't do it for me. I think it's too light, too plastique, too little to personalize in buttons and pre-settings. The AF wasn't too good either. But well, I do like Nikon so I'm not the best person to ask about Canon!

    I also had a Nikon D80 in my hands. It's not the D200 I have, but it does get close in how it handles and the plastic does feel better - and more ergonomic for my big hands - than the Canon 350/400D does. But again, you're talking with a Nikon fan! ;-)

    Greetings, Dennis
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    I've been out for a few days, but happy to see the comments of Darren. And I agree!

    If someone wants to get into photography, would it not be nice if he could also make use of all those second hand Nikon lenses? ...

    I agree with the D50 / D80. Nice cameras!

    Greetings, Dennis
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    I've heared about the 1.1x crop's logical because nikon's mount is not large enough (45mm, vs 54 mm from Canon), if they want to fill a full frame sensor (not film) then they need to have a bigger mount. I guess they won't do that. A 3DX with 1,1x crop sounsd more logical than setting up a new series of lenses on a new mount. That would be unfair (and hard to swallow, moneywise) to users who allready have a large assortment of glass. Indeed they could get pushed to a Canon, if they end up having to buy new Nikon glass to fill a full frame sensor they want.

    Shake reduction in the body sounds odd, for Nikon..but let's see, it's certainly interesting. What if you combine it with VR lenses? Would it multiply? extra extra low shutterspeeds? sounds good!
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    No, don't think they'll go for a bigger mount.

    I'm wondering... Fuji just came out with a 'Nikon D200 clone'. Apart from the speed and the dead pixels I keep on reading about, this seems to be a pretty good camera!

    What are the odds that the 1.1x crop sensor would become a Super CCD chipset, instead of the standard single layered chip that is used right now? A 9 Megapix SuperCCD is actually giving an 18 megapixels output.

    On the VR + VR = 2VR... It is very difficult from a technical point of view - if not impossible - to combine the working of to gyroscopes, since that is basically what VR is. The VR in the lense does also not communicate with the body - and in order to combine two gyroscopes you at least need lense and body communicating about it...
    So... 2xVR would to me mean that you'll turn off one of the two - making the VR lenses a bit useless on a body with shake reduction. And in that sense, I feel it is hard to believe a 3DX would have shake reduction, since Nikon would kill its own market for VR lenses!
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    I would prefer the Canon 400D because
    1. It is a relatively light, good performing, easy to use camera
    2. It gives you access to many many different lens and peripheral equipment of poor - medium - excellent quality to make your next choices whenever you have more money!

    Remember, don't buy the most expensive you can afford, buy what will be more useful to you!
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    Indeed, that's what I figured too, they have to communicate. I didn't know the lens doesn't do that, (I don't use a Nikon..) but well, since they don't I guess it won't work when you combine them.

    The Fuji is for sure a good camera, it's not fast indeed, I haven't heared about dead pixels, but if you should just return the camera, because they don't belong to be there. You pay a large amount and you should expect only the best, not a sensor with dead pixels.

    But the dynamic range of that machine is incredible, much better than the competition. But isn't it the other way around, 18Mpix SuperCCD gives 9MP output? It has two layers of sensors right?, which can be combined to make up that higher dynamic range, but the output is just 'number of pixels length' x 'number of pixels width'
    I read that the maximum resolution is 4256 x 2848, is that correct?
    If not, I don't understand how a sensor with 9MPix, which means 9 million sensors, can give an output which normally should come from 18 million sensors..
    As far as I know this can only be interpolated?

    Likewise, Sigma's SD14 (marketed as 14MP) which has three layers of sensors, one for blue, one for red, one for green, gives an output of 2652x1768 (~4,7 MP, times 3 colours makes 14MP; 14066208px)
    But the actual photo has the resolution of a 4,7Mpix photo..which is important to know when you want to print in large formats.