To Keitht: The bottle is the key

  • Well spotted Keitht...The bottle just happened to be there, is somewhat distracting but is directly linked to the history of this place. Remember how I said it was meant to be an auditorium /open air stage for musical performances and it almost never happened? Well, it did exactly once, and that some 12 years ago- the first and last time anyone has done anything organized on the island.
    And as a funny detail it was a rock/progressive/alternative concert, organized by the very company this bottle belongs to (label is still visible, won't make any unpaid publicity but let's say it kinda rhymes with rocka rolla or mokka bolla) back in 2007.
    On the other hand, all-plastic and in the sun for so long, I bet this is not a genuine "founders' bottle" but it happened when some other folks traveled to this God forsaken place who knows when .


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