Sebastiao Salgado

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  • He's one of the most famous contemporary photographers (lives near my flat but never had the chance to meet him :((...)
    I already displayed his link through Nachtwey's thread but I think this brilliant photographer deserves more than that.

    Here's then a full thread and the link to Sebastiao Salgado's website.

    A rare feature : there's a very interesting photo course included in it, take a look !
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    hehe, you did it again Luko

    broken link ;)

    there is sth like Preview Message button ;)
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    Salgado's (slight) return.

    Just one thing, the "photography course" might be hard to spot, you must enter into the "majority world" area to get the link on the right hand side.
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    hey by the way..................
    i'm studying developmental economics hehehe

    you're so lucky to him living near your flat. if i was in your place, i'd be stalking him hehe

    i didnt mention one thing in the messed up messages that i posted in the nachtwey forum. in case of salgado it is the way the silence in his photographs speak so much that i love. it's a lot like raghu rai's now i dont wanna get into any discussion on who's better or anything. hehe it's really tiring . but yeah for me it's the silence in their photographs that capture me the post :)
    how old is he??????????????
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    Magnifiques témoignages du travail des hommes dans ce monde... Merci de nous faire connaître cet homme qui a le courage de changer de carrière pour témoigner par la photo.
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    He is one of my favorites too. I saw the exhibit for "Workers" a few years ago. It was incredible! The print quality is the best I have ever seen! There is also a video available about his work. It is interesting to hear his thoughts concerning photography.
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    i really like one photograph in particular for it's contrast .

    sorry i dont know how to make a lnk :)
    what puzzles me here is the exposure on the face of the woman at the back. it seems that the sun is on the otherside of the canvas barrier ( as it seems from the shadows in the photograph. yet this woman's face is standing out so beautifully. any idea how this was managed or any good guesses?

    the toning is sooooooooo nice here.

    i was looking for a photograph made by raghu rai, which is very similar to the one taken by salgado except in rai's version, there are 3 people sitting in line reading newspapers while the crowind is flowing around them the composition except for these 3 men, is exactly the same. wanted to show it to you, but can't find it :(
    have a nice day
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    im sorry i didnt realise that the link didnt change for any of the pages,
    i'm talking about volume 5 in his photogrpahy course
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    how to make a link? maaaan, learn finally ;) i am tired of copying and pasting your links ;)
    read here and try
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    The Guardian newspaper is running a feature on him, and are posting his shots on his final(?) project :

    <i>....He is seeking out places that are still as pristine as they were in primeval times, places that provide hope. First stop, the Galápagos Islands....</i>

    There are two galeries so far, Galápagos and Under the Volcanos.

    Here is the link.