My Job in "real life"

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  • Re: Electronics and oil rig worker
    "renewable energy (for developing countries).
    Does that help??!! ;-) "

    Oh, yeah...sure...
    Look at the results <B>(:-))))))))))))))))))</B>
  • HI!
    Amateur photographer...currently semiretired (until I can afford a new slr).

    Amateur civil engineer (I built my house in ten long years!!!, and I could finally move last december).

    Amateur father (experimenting still, hoping to become a professional one).

    Skillfull husband (at least I see myself like one...hehehe).

    Electronic Enginneer working in network planning and project management for 10 hours a day.

    4th year student of Business Management School, (I hope to end this career this year, I start to feel tired of arriving home at 23:00 at night).

    Amateur gardener, I just F(/&%/&%$ love my garden, and I work usually on weekends and every early morning, combating ants mainly.

    Semi professional gamer (doom like games, unreal tournament, battlefield 2142...) late at night, after everyone else sleeps, I like to save the world killing enemies and monsters as well...hehehe that keeps me sane still...

    Very bad sleeper (no more than 5 hours a day)...yes I have dark circles around my eyes...any tip to solve this?


    I forgot something? uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Re: Another Geologist
    It seems to be a quite common job for TE'ers (I've met at least 3 or 4 others on TE web pages). I didn't think we were so numerous...

    Didn't you...?
    OK...You were wrong...So what ?
    There is a whole whopping of 0.00014% of you, the geologists, on TE !
    Getting crowded, in here ...

    regards, LB.

    PS: Did you ever find any frozen carcass of a mammoth in the ground...???
  • Re: HI!
    You seem to be a quite normal, working class person...
    When you die, sometime this or the next year, make sure to do it when there is a season for flowers...Your family can save few bucks on the occasion...

    Get a life, buddy...
    Do something useful...Register yourself in the unemployment office or somethn'

    Greetings and salutations
  • Re: Another Geologist
    Waow! 0.00014% is probably enormous if you look to the amount of geologist compared to the world population (I'll let you find the statistics and make the calculation)...

    Regards, g.


    PS: No Mammoth carcass in my rocks (they're too old for mammoths), but quite a lot of petrified geologists with a TE logo stuck on their camera bags...
  • Re: HI!
    Hi George!

    I am so happy you responded,

    I invite you to come here to my country, you will never get bored, it is a third world country,
    we have to work a lot here,
    no happy weekends full of fancy trips with lots of leisure time,

    I hope some day we could have, but so far
    it is the best we can do,

    I shoot while I work mainly, during trips,

    But be careful! do not misread me, I respect your way of life and I kindly ask you to understand others lives as well, even though they might come from remote poor places,

    and I am not talking about money, but development,
    be well my dear,

    and you seem to be a highly respectable person out of the mold,
    A humble, normal, mediocre, average person salutes you from the distance.

    Pd.:I already forwarded the tip of the flowers to my family members. I really appreciated that.
  • Re: Electronics and oil rig worker
    One can only be sure in a hundred years from now ;-).
    It's a small drop in a big bucket, but a lot of drops...

    Doesn't even have to help at current, it just shows a different way and gets people to think! Using solar panels in Angola for example with Medecins Sans Frontieres. No noise and smell from a generator. The village was amazed by this magic energy! And we even didn't get stoned by them for using magic ;-)

    In the Brazilian Amazon, a lot of rural people did not have any alternatives. No access to fuel / spare parts etc for a generator. Everyone was baffled by the light at night from a simple glass plate on the roof.
    Then again, give it a few years and there will not be any Amazon anymore - and with the trees they made the nice poles for the grid-based electricity.... ;-)

    Greetz, Dennis
  • Re: My Job in "real life"
    Teaching English and Geography in Secondary Modern Schools (age group 10-14)

    I donīt know whether you consider that as "useful" ... but at least I do ... and I like it!!!!
  • Re: My Job in "real life"
    i ll be a physicist if i am gonna survive in this department at the end :)
  • Re: Mathematics Professor
    I am a professor of mathematics--always have been, always will be, though I know my single-career life is the exception nowadays. Between research and teaching, there's no job I'd rather have, including photographer. In research, there is always something new to take on, if I get tired of what I'm doing.