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  • Re: Single Photo Cover
    I'm not much of a "designer", Curtis, you know, it's all I can do to keep my 20D steady when I pray to the Gods for a lucky shot...:)
    Seriously my point is this: think back to the great Nat Geo compilations, they don't go in for a collage but select one powerful image that will stand for the rest. It is therefore a very simple, single-minded design, nothing fancy but THAT one image will speak volumes. And selecting it through a democratic "vote-in" process should be huge fun, don't you think?
    I'm just keen to propose this drastically different alternative to the colage approach - I think it looks more "pro" somehow, more serious, but hey, what do I know...?
  • Book Cover Design - Larger Format
    To give folks a clearer sense of the most recent cover design I submitted, I added closeups of both the Front and Back. HERE is a link to the workshops.

    Check the Front and Back options, the last two on the page and mark at the top for a "side-by-side" comparison. When the new window opens you'll see the two pages next to one another, giving you a view that is 1600 pixels wide and a bit less that 800 pixels high. This provides quite a bit more detail than the version that may otherwise be posted.

    As I've said before, the original of this design is 7600x3600 pixels, so there is even more detail than is represented in these workshops. This image is suitable for printing, in other words.

    Enjoy the view!
  • Re: Book Cover Design - Larger Format
    That's beautiful work, Curtis, and enormous amount of thought and effort has gone into it. I like the Mandala pattern quite a bit, and the balck background.

    I still think a combination design is possible, where the front cver would show a single, jaw dropingly remarkable picture (possibly a portrait), with the back cover showing a koleidoscope of images, including a smaler version of the ne on the front. Impact-wise and focus-wise that might work very well. Of course not being any kind of designer, these are just words...

    Thanks for the fine design and all the work that's gone into it.
    Cheers, Francis
  • Re: TE Book - Cover
    I've followed this interesting book project a bit from the side-lines with too much other stuff to do to make a contribution.
    Now I have however found time to do a proposal for the book cover, the back of the cover is shown in the workshop.

    The intention was to make a clean design with space and "air" in the composition. The theme is the same as a some of the other proposals, thumbnail photos spread across the world. I choso to work with a map instead of a globe because I think the globe tends to look crammed while I wanted air.

    The map is draw as a vector path in Illustrator. The path is used as a clipping path for the collage of photos beneath. The rest of the element are made in InDesign. So basically the file is ready for print.
    The selection of photos is of course up for discussion, I tried to select photos from the corresponding geographical areas, whic means that some very photographed places gets very little space, while places with few photographs gets a lot of space in the composition.

    I would like a better text on the back, that is an area that definitely needs more work.
  • Re: TE Book - Cover
    It's a very neat idea and probably my favorite so far (even though I'm really impressed with the quality of all the works shown by other people). Well done!

    Just one thing: why not use the TE motto on the cover page ("Learning about the world through photography") instead of the sentence you use?

    (sorry, I should take the time to register on TL and make my critiques directly there).
  • Re: TE Book - Cover
    Thank you for your comments. In a way it's a little strange to have the discussions about the TE book on the TL site, but that is obviously how it went.

    For this cover I felt the TE motto was a little too long and "heavy", I wanted something shorter and snappier, the overall I tried to achieve was something light, crisp and airy.

    I the meantime I have posted another design that has a slighty heavier feel with just a whiff of olde-world to it. I used the TE motto for that one, I felt it fitted better there.
  • Re: TE Book - Cover
    Hi Francis... respecting your idea.. i did this.. Have a look...
  • Re: 44 cover so far...
    by the way we got 44 variety of covers...
    i just added another one
  • Re: TE Book - Cover A NEW PROPOSITION
    I tried one for U. Trying to respect the TE Website colors, identity. Keep "sobrity" in mind also. In my project, pictures are not "chosen"... this is just for exemple. Text on the backcover is also not real...
    Comments are welcome.

    Go to : TE Book cover proposition

  • Re: TE Book - Cover
    Please consider usinge a proffesional designer for the cover. I've been browsing some of the suggestions for the cover and they are quite nice, but most of them miss the point of the book. The book is about pictures from the world and not about Photoshop filtereffects.

    So suggestion:
    Focus on the images and not so much on Photoshop filters.
    Check the design of other photobookcovers at amazon for example.