To macjake: Soon

  • Howdy Craig,

    I'm pretty sure that's some type of custom font, far from the traditional computer operating system scale.

    Just got done watching the Macy's firework display from NYC, always a cool show....and quite a sight to see live! I imagine the one in Seattle is pretty sweet too, hope you made it down for some shots.

    I'll be heading towards the Eastern Hemisphere at the end of August, and looks as if Malgo will be joining us in Perm for a few days. I'm super excited to meet her and experience a completely new country and culture. Should be a great time...I just hope she doesn't run circles around me and Serghei!? lol

    Did you see that wild dust storm we had here yesterday....a ginormous wall of dust formed and blew through the valley, just like in the movie The Mummy. Crazy stuff! Seems like we get two or three a year any more...they're pretty cool...but also kinda scary and can do some real damage.

    Alrighty, I'm off to write a few more critiques and light a sparkler or two. Take it easy.