A photography Tour for TE

  • Hi everyone,
    I live in India and love to travel and click pictures as i have travelled all of india and find it a awesome country for photography. I want to organize a TE photography tour.. i can organise the complete tour on a shoe string budget with places people wont find on the tourist circuit. This is an idea ive had for a long time now.. i hope i get some support..
    iam working on many programs specialing on nature,culture,food and religions and people of India..

    I hope we have a group of minimum 20 people but the more we have the cheaper it gets..

    If someone things this can work out please let me know as we can work on making it an unforgetable experience.
    [email protected]
    www.treklens.com/members/kampuchi on treklens..
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    i was thinking this for a quiet a long time. thanks that the idea poppep out to you also, lets start with it, we can surely do it and a few places in India.
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    Hi thanks for the mail and the responce.. i was in bhutan and i just came back to india.. i live in delhi..
    the only way to promote is when more people visit this Project page.. i dont know how it can b done..
    if u have any ideas let me know.. and for the places i know all of them and i can organise all of them..

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    i am an event manager by proffession and live in Siliguriu, so i can also handle and exhibition, thats no problem. lets mail all the indian TE members and buils the contact and data base. do you have an account in orkut?
    i also have a plan to come up with a publication of indian TE photographers.
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    I was thinking of a photography tour for foreigners who can visit India and click pics at the same time.. as i have traveled India extensively and iam also a tour operator. The Publication idea is also good.. but we should somehow target the international market and not the domestic market atleast for tours..

    yes i have an account on orkut..

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    achcha, apnar nijer firm ache?
    amaro ekta ache, kintu thik ami tour operator noi.
    apni tour ta niye vabun, ar ami publication niye, dutoi hok na, besh valo hoy.
    orkut er id ta bolun, tahole jogajog rakhte subidhe hobe.
    amar ta pinakie kansabanik