The value of a photo

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    Before breaking the rules you have to master them :)

    Suporting myself in this this famous statement, i say that techique is always important ... it's a diferent ball game to see a good photo than a clumsy snapshot from the same subject.

    However techinque isn't everything, and then comes the subjective part of photography: Art and emotions.

    Hit me if you want, but i don't see photography or at least the photojournism kind of photography as an art ... magnum guys are not artists ... are journalists with a camera on their hands ... but i believe in emotions and passion.

    Better than anyone, you know the feeling when you are facing a great photo ... the chills in your back ... the fascination ... i believe that it only happens when you are facing a magical moment. A moment where a photographer has the luck to within 1/125 sec put all his passion and technician and freeze a unique scene.


    The "second" part from your thread is harder ... i believe when you are visiting a country you have to:

    - first: Try to understand where you are going, the culture the religion ... behave in a discret way ... try not to make a fool of yourself and the others.
    - second: Try not to behave as a turist ... turists most of the time can be really "idiots". However most "advanced" photographers have another culture and are a diferend kind of turist.
    - Third: Respect to be respected, if you respect others, if you are honest in your interests then people around you notice it and will also respect you.
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    nicolaz, please dont go to somalia and starve yourself....i like your work and wanna see more!
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    I wonder about the difference of paying a fashion model of the first world a big amount of money for a photo session, and a poor man of the third world asking for money for the same reason,

    a photo,

    what is right? or wrong?
    who am I to judge?

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    I agree. If I am very interested in his photo, I will pay him.

    There is an idea that not giving alms to those who beg is good because either they will beg more and remain dependent or there will be more beggers in time. Indeed there might be some truth to that. Given the utter despair that reduces a person to such a pursuit, I wonder about the moral position of that idea.

    If the frequency of people off the street in India who expect to be paid for their photos increases due to high volume street photography and payment, well IMO it is good because of several reasons. One is that street photographers are contributing to the economy. Second, there will be a very large collection of trained models so that due to high supply the exorbitant price advertizing agencies pay to models nowadays will go down. So advertizing will be less expensive, and we can see more advertizements, buy more products because of that, and economy will be even better. Third, in a few years everyone in India will become a paid model to street photographers, including Indian street photographers themselves. So they will pay each other and therefore will not have to pay for their photos on balance. The tradition will become so successful that it will spread to all other countries. I cannot wait for such a day.
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    Hilarious. Caustic. Sardonic. Profound. Animesh at his best, my brother and sisters!
    Indian streets from what I can see are already full of mischief at visiting photogs, be it lone TE-ers tryng not to get their cameras nicked, or entire tours of would be Nat Geo shooters following the GREAT Steve McCurry around the painted streets of Rajahstan... I mean you've got your hip sadhus with raisewd eyebrows pretending not to notice for the thousandth time, peole throwing themselves in front of a shot to either spoil it or be included.

    Most hilarious encounter I ever had was in Hoi An, Vietnam - I see this charming, cpncial hatted, gnarled old girl, about 100 years old, slowly moving towards me in a boat. I raise my camera. Suddenly I see her wrinkled little hand extended toward me even while she's still in that boat, moving, and her toothless mouth mouthing "one dollar"... Ah Vietnam! Vietnam! I laughed. I mean it was hilarious, the floating extension of that quick hand, always ready for business... I said no and didn't take a shot.
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    Ja! I fully agree, I can not also wait that long!.

    To my humble opinion, it is so hard for the so called "third world people" to understand "first world people" and viceversa.

    Behind all of this is the theory of "the fair world", everyone has what one deserves.
    Poor people deserves poverty because they are slob. Wealthy people are brilliant and hard workers and so their wealthiness.

    It is a matter for a profound thinking,

    I wish you a good day to everyone, up there and down here!

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    one deserves.
    Poor people deserves poverty because they are slob. Wealthy people are brilliant and hard workers and so their wealthiness.
    It is a matter for a profound thinking" by KIKVEL

    I didnt know weather to laugh or cry when I read this, I also wasnt aware or the degree of ignorance that would allow someone to come up with a statment like this! but CESAR dont take it personal Im not trying to offend you. If you look at factual history you will find that decades of colonilisim (from 1st world countries) in the (3rd world) has led to the economic crises we have now in those regions , almost every place England has left like Kwaite/iraq, isreal/palastine, india/pakistan it has left it in a state of war. the centuries of slave trade has left africa in disaster and almost unreversable effects. look what is happeneing now in Iraq with the States! I could keep going and going but you can do your own research.
    These countries are kept in chaeos to balance out wealthier economies, IMAGINE CHINA raising its standards of living and increasing wages to the level of Europe, we wouldnt be able to afford ANY THING!
    3rd world countries are overflowing with natural resources, oil, produce, stock, ect... there is no reason for them not to be wealther except if they are made unstable by war, or other powers that distablize them(USA/IRAQ). but really this is not whos got more money, its the nature of men lusting for power & control.
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    C'mon Robert...Cesar was just being sarcastic. It was not what he meant. Your view, however, is well taken.
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    like i said i wasnt trying to offend anybody, but i sincerly APLOGIZE if he were being sarcastic i wasnt sure
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    The answer to your first question is a matter of opinion and not right or wrong. I believe having a good subject is very important.
    I am shocked how you can simply look down on those people by giving them a "rate", the man was not telling any lies. The west have left no country in this world without stealing every resource and the western people know it and they say they're not to blame because they're not part of that system. How can you not be part of that system when you pay them taxes, use their passport, work their jobs and vote for them every few years?
    You're a visitor to a country, you should be treated like a guest as well as you should treat them as your host and respect their opinions and rules.
    I believe you are judging people way too quick henk, you cant understand him unless you're in his shoe and you must have lived in the west most of your life so you have no idea what the world is going through everyday.
    No hard feelings. Regards, Ramy.