To Roly: Hi Roly....

  • Yes, the overall community closeness and family support the Ma Song (devotees) have is quite nice to see. Children of all ages were around the processions over the 9 days of the festival. The shots I've posted are of course taken with a 70-200mm lens, so the blood I would not say is right in their face so to speak... but it all goes to part of heritage and their beliefs. The main focus was on the boy, and with the shallow DOF and the mans position, part of his face starts to blur- which I guess is what you're referring to with the sharpness.

    - Dan
  • Re: To Roly: Hi Roly....
    I was referring to the boy's dad. I find that through its placement, proportion in the frame and expression his face is the focal point of the image, even if you wanted to emphasize the boy. So it sort of asks to be sharp.
    Cheers to down there